Aspen Weatherburn (previously Hello Henley) helps businesses (big and small) get noticed. Communications is ALL about connecting people. Whether that be business to customer, press to consumer, business to business or consumer to business. Whatever way you mix it up, it’s all about communicating.

SOCIAL MEDIA | I am a social media expert.
I know how to use it, I can determine which social media platforms are best suited to your business. I know what content to post, who to target and how to target them. I understand the importance of influencers, and how to amplify a brand.


MARKETING | What works? Consistent branding, excellent copywriting and an understanding of what consumers want.


PRESS & MEDIA MANAGEMENT | I’ve been around the block (so to speak). I’ve got years of experience working in the media and with the media – pitching ideas, creating press releases and copywriting for editorial and advertorial.

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