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Rock Stars and Winemakers

Tune in to Marlow FM (97.5) tomorrow morning at 11am to hear my client and Master of Wine, Alistair Cooper, talking to Mary Flavelle about his love of wine – and also discussing the new launch of Diving into Hampton Water – a rose, created by Jon Bon Jovi, his son Jesse Bongiovi and Gerard Bertrand.…/bon-jovi-and-son-launched-a-rose-win…


Pesky algorithm meddling?

I have a little favour to ask.
If you’re a follower, believer, a fan or friend of Hello Henley then I would love you to join our new Facebook Group:

Hello Henley Cover Photo
Why? You ask.
Well, it has a lot to do with Facebook’s latest algorithm update. You may have heard about it? If you haven’t then here’s the low down:
According to Zuckerberg, feedback from the FB community tells FB that public content (posts from businesses, brands and media) is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other. I would agree, even as a Social Publisher I am often amazed at how little I now see from my friends and family. In fact, the majority of posts I scroll past relate to Trump, the vegan movement and Michael Macintyre. All informative and hilarious in their own way, but the balance has shifted from what was the most important thing Facebook did — help us connect with each other.

Hello Henley has been expecting this update for a while and this is what we will be doing to help our clients going forward:

  • Facebook Pages (Business Pages) need to generate meaningful interactions in order to be seen. This means posts to pages must create back and forth conversation. That is more or less why businesses employ Social Publishers – to create engaging content. But you lot have a role to play too. If you see a post and you like it, then let us know you like it.
  • Videos (once an excellent tool on FB Pages) will be seen less. This means people will spend less time on FB scrolling through endless videos of hamsters on pianos. A good thing! If you still want to engage as a business, then Live Streaming is key. If you’re nervous about ‘going live’ we can help.
  • Embrace FB Groups (like we’re doing). Might this work for your business too? Hello Henley is here to discuss this option with you.
  • Embrace other social platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest. Both excellent ways to promote your business. But don’t just jump ship, understand the other platforms and how to use them.
  • Put some money behind your brand and use FB advertising. But make sure you have everything set up for this. Otherwise you’re just wasting your money. This is another thing Hello Henley can help with.
  • Don’t just rely on the posting of pretty pictures and graphics. While this might have worked thus far, going forward it just isn’t going to cut it.
  • Speak to a Communications Expert (like Hello Henley). Communications Experts not only know how to use Social Media, but will determine which social media platforms are best suited for your business. They will have past-experience in the generation of information that flows between business, the media and the consumer (in our case a background in magazine editorial, copywriting, event management, business branding / marketing and media liaison).

Panic not! While Zuckerberg is being cursed by some for his pesky algorithm meddling, we are embracing it. A change, after all, is as good as a rest.

Zuckerberg Illustration by Vincent Rhafael Aseo

New Client – Home Move Consultants

Exciting news, once again! Hello Henley has an awesome new client – The Home Move Consultants. This fantastic little project is run by Debbie and Charlotte, who I enjoy meeting for tea as much as I enjoy working on their social media. That’s A LOT btw.  These lovely ladies are your official @homemovegurus (twitter) – and what they don’t know about moving people out of one gorgeous house and into another just isn’t worth knowing. We’re talking high-end / luxury lifestyle – and we are thrilled to be working on their Social Media – plus their PR and copywriting for their membership to The Luxury Network.

Check out their website! It was designed by local chap, Ben Hargreaves (who is also pretty cool – and more of a beer drinker than a tea drinker. Suits me!)

Beauty & the Instagram

We’re very, very, very excited here at Hello Henley towers. We have another amazing client to add to our portfolio. We’d like to introduce Poppy Wilson – super talented make-up artist extraordinaire. Aspen met with Poppy a few weeks back to discuss her current Social Media activity and they discussed what could be done to improve her online presence. After a lovely chat, and a super healthy smoothie at Spoon in Henley-on-Thames, they worked out a bespoke package that will suit Poppy’s needs and her budget.

For Poppy’s Social Media Strategy (everyone has got to have one, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) we have decided Instagram and Facebook are key. We know it is on these platforms that Poppy’s audience hang out.

On a personal note, this afternoon has taken me back to my days as a beauty journalist. I have throughly enjoyed getting some great still life imagery. And having a rummage through Poppy’s mountain of beauty products.

You can visit Poppy’s website at and you may notice a few posts on Instagram @poppywilsonmua and on her new Facebook Page ‘poppywilson’ over the next few weeks.

If you like what you see, let us know – and please share it. That would be bloomin’ amazing! Thank you.


Magazine Portfolio


Before moving back to Henley-on-Thames to start my own business, I was a magazine writer. During that time I penned a feature or two for The Independent, OK! Magazine, Woman, The Express, Health & Fitness, TV Quick, TV Choice, SkyMag, Total TV Guide, Aura, The WHSmith Guides and Salon Today. My main areas of interest were Celebrity, Entertainment, TV, Beauty, Health and Real Life.

I was able to develop a great skill set during this period, like feature writing, interviewing, section editing and commissioning. I also appeared as a talking head on Weight Matters, a Discovery Health documentary series.

I enjoyed co-ordinating beauty and fashion shoots – and also  enjoyed many press trips – to South Africa, France, Spain, LA and the jungles of Cameroon